Front-end developer who
loves a good challenge

print("Interesting introduction about myself");


Hey there! I'm Isa 😊

Young, hungry and detail driven, I have been coding for 5+ years, with the last 4 years as a full-time professional. I have worked on a broad range of projects, from simple to complex, small to big, plain vanilla to triple chocolate with sprinkles on top.

I'm a determined webdeveloper who's passionate about clean code and functional design. Adding technical functionality to beautiful designs and making projects shine, is what I do best. I like to think outside of the box, but I also love a good challenge by accommodating limitations, and cooking up solutions to spicy problems.

Work Experience 📝

Gamecard diensten

2015 - 2016

Web developer - Intern

$internship = array("Learn how to code", "Get coffee", "Build small front-end modules", "Communicate with clients");

Rock the Web BV

2017 - 2018

Web developer - Intern



2018 - 2019

Junior front-end developer

Building front-end modules from wireframes/mock-ups & designs.


2019 - present

Front-end developer

Responsible for bringing designs to life, connecting front-end to back-end, and designing and building custom CMS modules for a broad variety of projects/clients.

My best recipes 📚

I possess a variety of skills, but these are the tricks of the trade where I'm most comfortable.



HTML is my bread and butter. I'll gladly cook up something from scratch, or work with established frameworks like Bootstrap or Foundation.



Where function meets form, where I add flavour to the meal. Spicy designs, tasteful animations, made possible with CSS.



Creating dynamic content and interactive websites go hand in hand with a steaming hot cup of JavaScript.



Connecting front to back-end requires a healthy dose of PHP. Custom or pre-built, I know my way around a CMS.



Need some filling for your website? With SQL I can manage and manipulate all your data for you!



To get your project in as many hands as possible, you'll need me to make it as responsive as can be!

Cream of the crop 🏅

The projects I'm most proud of or had the most fun cooking up.


ADVACOM is a marketing company with a diverse portfolio of clients. They where in need of a sleek new website to showcase their projects and services.

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Advacom Project

No idea what to have for breakfast? Brood van SOMA got you. Find recipes, inspiration and get hungry while scrolling through their website.

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Brood van SOMA Project

A website to match employers with employees who want to work in IT. Find the latest vacancies or join one of their bootcamps.

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Gradematch Project

Take a dive into the biggest recreational pool of Limburg. Find the latest information or check out the swimming lessons they have to offer.

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Mosaqua Project

Cherry on top 🍒

Development is my passion, but I like to explore other skills as well.

Game development

I love games, so naturally I tried my hand at gamedevelopment too. I've completed several courses with Unity. In 2021 I took part in my first gamejam (a hackaton for games) - Which produced: PanCar: the premier breakfast racing league.

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Pancar Project

3D Modeling

I've also dabbled in 3D modeling in Blender. So far I've made a set of fun food models but this is a skill I definitely see myself playing around more with in the future.

Check out my models on twitter
3D project

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